Hey guys! We wanted to update you on a few exciting developments coming your way!

First, we've changed our name to YTF Legacy to better reflect our personal philosophy of empowerment. Our philosophy, summed up in three words - Yesterday, Today, Forever - is that success and happiness in life start with individual choice: Yesterday is in the past. Today you have a choice. Forever is up to you. By embracing this positive message together, we can create a lasting legacy that stands on its own and inspires each of us to fulfill our personal dreams.

Second, we're currently expanding our website with exclusive content and community as its main cornerstones.
Our primary goals are to:

- Create a vibrant online community where fans can enjoy and share exclusive entertainment content.

- Foster up-and-coming YouTubers who embody YTF Legacy's values, and showcase their talents to the world.

Whether you are a fan or a fellow performer, we invite you to join us in our mission of personal empowerment, and help us build a very special community together! Lots more to follow so stay tuned...

The YTF Legacy Gang

YTF Legacy's Fan Art Contest (CLOSED)

Thanks to all of our talented fan artists for their amazing submissions throughout the year! Check out our Fan Art page to see the entire collection!

This Month's Winner!

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